Monday, February 27, 2017

Beet Juice for Gallbladder & Aorta, Medicine Pantry Staple

Beet juice is a super medicinal food and a jar should be kept in every pantry.
Beet  juice contains many important and effective phytonutrients , vitamins and minerals.  Beet juice can relax our arteries and can stop a gallbladder attack cold in its tracks.

For those of use with chronic gallbladder issues, beet juice can instantly stop a developing gallbladder pain attack.

For those of us with chronic cardiovascular disease or connective tissue challenges, beet juice acts as one of the worlds most effective anti-inflammatory foods, decreasing the likelihood of aortic dissection.

The National Institute of Health's Library of Medicine contains some intriguing papers about the potential health benefits of beet root with respective to cardiovascular, digestive and even cognitive health!

Gallbladder and aorta foods.  Beet juice should be in everyone's pantry.
National Public Radio (NPR) suggests that beet juice can support muscle growth and may be good for those avid gym-goers in a recent article.

Moreover, beet juice has been shown to lower blood pressure!  Because beets contains dietary nitrates (NO3) and biologically  active NO2 and nitrous oxide (NO), taking the juice may relax blood vessels, potentially 'de-stiffening' the cardiovascular system.

Beet juice can instantly stop the sharp pain of a gallbladder attack through combination of mechanisms.  The nitrous oxide relaxes blood vessels, the anti-inflammatory compounds eases auto-immune responses and the betaine helps in digesting fats in your digestive system triggering the attack.

Anti-inflammatory foods like beets can promote excellent digestive and cardiovascular health.
I personally have received testimonies from those who were developing pain and who stopped at the market to purchase a jar of beet juice (unsweetened of course is best but all beet juices contain significant amounts of sugar).  Once they drank the juice the pain rapidly subsided.  Sometimes all it takes for the pain to dissipate is a bile salt, betaine, pepsin or other substance that may help facilitate fat metabolism or transport.

Anyway, you will always be able to find a jar of beet juice in my pantry, and of course, fresh market beets in season in the vegetable bin.

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