Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Symptom Free Sixteen Months No Gallbladder Surgery!

Its been sixteen months since my last gallbladder attack that almost put me in the hospital.
Gallbladder diet. Cabbage Boats with Split Pea Soup and Capers. Good for digestive and cardiovascular health.

My diet has changed from meat and dairy to vegan and fish sometimes.

Last ultrasound showed greatly reduced stone amount and no sludge.

So I'm continuing on with what works diet-wise for my gallbladder and pancreas.  Like reduced to no sugar, no dairy or heavy fats, no junk food, etc...  Like read all ingredient labels and better yet buy real food that does not have any added ingredients.   Think fresh from the farmers market.

Here is today's heart and gallbladder recipes:

Split Pea Soup - OK I know split pea soup does not sound glamorous but in reality it is hearty, filling, tasty and for me gallbladder and aorta friendly.

Gall bladder diet. Split Pea Soup in Crockpot. Good for digestive and cardiovascular health.
I soak my split peas in water overnight then cook them in a crock pot with a large onion the next day. Usually by early afternoon I can have a marvelous bowl of yummy, good for me food.

I season my split pea soup with a large soup spoon full of nutritional yeast and also tamari.

Yep, it looks like, well brownish sludge but I'd bet this simple soup would satisfy anyone's hunger.  And it tastes damn good!
Gallbladder diet.  Nutritional yeast makes a good condiment, adds flavor and depth to any food.

One of the other dishes I make with split pea soup is my cabbage boat.  Cabbage boat is tasty served either hot or cold.

First step in preparing cabbage boats is to roast a cabbage sliced in half in the oven until well cooked.
Gallbladder diet. Cabbage Boats - start with roasted cabbage layers. Good for digestive and cardiovascular health.

I baste with unrefined coconut oil occasionally while the cabbage is cooking.  My preference  is to let the cabbage cook till almost slightly 'crispy' but still pliable.

Once cooked I separate the cabbage layers and place on a tray with the 'bowl' side up, like a boat.
Gallbladder diet.  Kind of like a stuffed potato but its a cabbage boat! Add cooked split peas, nutritional yeast and tamari.

Fill the cabbage boat half way up with split pea soup, add nutritional yeast and tamari, and (if you can tolerate nuts or seeds) chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds or walnut (especially good toasted).

Add pepper and garlic powder or smoky paprika.


Gallbladder diets can be hearty, healthy and good for your cardiovascular system too!

P.S. I use only unrefined, expeller pressed coconut oils or avocado oil.
Gallbladder diet.  Use only unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil.

And rather than use soy sauce I prefer tamari.
Gallbladder diet.  I prefer tamari over soy sauce.

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