Friday, February 17, 2017

A Heart Hearty (and Gallbladder Friendly) Dinner

Steamed asparagus and baba ganoush for dinner last night.
Foods for gallbladder and aorta health - steamed asparagus and baba ganoush

And the yummy, healthy meal filled me up.

Asparagus provide just enough 'chewy' texture (but not to chewy) to satisfy my primordial urge of, yep you guessed it, 'chewing'.

On the opposite end of the texture spectrum baba ganoush though packs a flavor punch, one filled with umami and other exotic flavors.

Asparagus has been shown to promote gallbladder health and is recommended by many health sources as a gallbladder friendly food.

Asparagus also acts as a diuretic, relieving edema and providing much needed antioxidants supporting both the heart and digestive system.

So next time you need a heart hearty meal, try steamed asparagus and baba ganoush!

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