Saturday, February 11, 2017

Having a Hard Time Giving Up Chocolate on a Gallbladder Diet?

I love Chocolate!

Gallblascular diet.  Cocoa nibs are low in fat, contain only cocoa and are anti-inflammatory which is good for the aorta and digestive system.
My gallbladder screams when I eat a chocolate bar though, reminding me that all the rich fats and oils in the processed candy are not what my body needs.

I have however found other ways to satisfy my cocoa cravings without causing that horrible, intense gallbladder pain or inflaming my already torn descending aorta walls.

The basic principle behind these two chocolate delights is one of 'non-processed'.  Actually both the unsweetened cocoa powder and nibs are processed but only minimally processed.  And there is just on ingredient - cocoa, not a whole hoard of probably taste good but not healthy sugar, preservatives, flavorings and oils.

Though this is just one particular example of the fundamental philosophy behind the Gallblascular Diet, the premise is consistent with all food items.

I find it is generally OK, even healthy, to eat 'whole' foods.

Foods with less than two or three ingredients on their packaging or preferable foods with no packaging at all are best for our aorta and digestive system - and our entire body.

Gallblascular Diet.  Satisfy your chocolate urge without gallbladder pain or inflammation from candy bars by using unsweetened cocoa.
I was so surprised and pleases about nine months into my Gallblascular Diet when I realized unsweetened cocoa powder and cocoa nibs were safe to eat.  No pain from the gallbladder, no inflammatory arterial damage to my cardiovascular system.

Gallblascular diet.  Unsweetened cocoa powder contains only cocoa and is actually low in fat and carbs.
In fact the flavanols in cocoa are reportedly quite healthy for us humans.

Try dissolving a spoonful or two in warm non-fat milk or if you are a vegan like me in almond or cashew milk.  If you can't tolerate the 'milks' then hot water works well too.

For a quick snack a small handful of cocoa nibs always quickly satisfies the chocolate urge.

Gallblascular diet.  Cocoa nibs are low in fat, contain only cocoa and are  anti-inflammatory which is good for the aorta and digestive system.
Remember, whole non-processed foods are what the Gallblascular Diet is all about.  Read the ingredients. If the package contains  lots of chemicals, preservatives, flavors, sugars, oils and other ingredients it probably is not good for you, your aorta or your gallbladder/pancreas.

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