Saturday, February 18, 2017

Whole Foods Diet and Aorta-Gallbladder Health, Hearty Dinners

Hearty, healthy gallbladder and aorta meals can be quick and easy to prepare.
Whole foods diet for gallbladder and aorta! #Phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, fiber, anti-inflammation
Tonight's meal filled me up with 'good for me' whole foods.  As all the foods were homemade from fresh ingredients the meal contained no 'processed foods' except for the organic tahini.

My gallbladder is no longer angry at me when I eat.

My hunger cravings are always satisfied.

I really wish I had started eating whole, non-processed foods (or slow foods as some may describe) when I was younger.

But today I know my cardiovascular system is holding its own, even with the enormous tear in my aorta's inner lining.  And I know my digestive system is working smoothly.  No more painful and debilitating 'hiccups' from my gallbladder or pancreas.

Tonights meal included: a homemade salad with spring greens, peppers, ginger, onions and more; homemade garbanzo bean hummus, split pea soup with new potatoes and onions; and homemade salsa.

#gallbladderlife #dissectionlife

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