Monday, March 13, 2017

Healthy Restaurant Food. Keeping Gallbladders and Aortas Happy!

Eating out can be so difficult to those of us with aorta and/or gallbladder issues.
Eating Healthy While Eating Out Can Be A Challenge! #Aorta #gallbladder

Restaurants tend to use the most inflammatory (i.e. cheapest) oils to cook in.

Oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids such as sunflower or canola oil can directly initiate inflammation of the gallbladder, pancreas and aorta.

No one wants an inflamed gallbladder (think horrible pain in the side and back).

No one want an inflamed aorta (think scary dissection).

And for some of us on many days any dietary oil, including good oils, may not be helpful.

So what do we do when eating out?  At times we will invariably find ourselves in a restaurant with family or friends.

Fortunately there are more ways than a cold salad to enjoy healthy restaurant food.

I almost always order steamed mixed vegetables with a side of rice (whole grain rice if they have it).

And you don't have to be in an Asian restaurant to order steamed mixed vegetables either.  Almost any restaurant will have frozen vegetables and a steamer.

Be sure to ask for the hot sauces and soy sauce to liven up the food combo and you have a healthier than most meal while eating out (though keep an eye on the sodium).

Avoiding inflammatory oils in restaurants needn't be hard.

Always remember the 'steamed' option and enjoy good food out, without the worry of pain or aortic inflammation!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Turmeric, An Herb For Any Gallbladder Medicine Kit

Turmeric is a powerful food substance that can have significant impacts on the gallbladder.
Gallbladder diet - turmeric can be a powerful tool in your gallbladder medicine kit - talk to your doctor first!

There are many studies that show how turmeric can heal and protect the gallbladder through anti-inflammatory and contracting responses.  Turmeric also supports liver health.

I am surprised we do not use turmeric as often as we as a culture should in cooking and meal preparation.

We should be using turmeric more often in our daily struggle with gallbladder issues.  Turmeric can be a powerful tool in our fight against gallbladder pain and disease.  As with any medicine always discuss using this substance with your doctor!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Roasting Veggies for Daily Gallbladder and Aorta Health

Nothing better for the gallbladder than fresh roasted vegetables.
Gallbladder diet - good for aorta too - Roasted peppers!

Full of color and different tastes, vegetables can be baked without oil - or at a minimum just a very light brushing of a healthy oil, like unrefined cold pressed coconut oil.

Gallbladder & aorta diet.  Sliced, roasted crispy potatoes - no oil but lots of flavor 
Your gallbladder will be happy with the only natural fats choice.  Moreover, baked or roasted vegetables are full of fiber and assist your body in proper digestion.  The fiber assists your digestive system in facilitating digestion and moving fats through your body for proper use and then elimination.

Gallbladder & aorta diet - water sautéed spinach, corn and tomatoes with garlic
Roasted vegetables also contain important amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals.

Easy to prepare.  I wash and dice without peeling.

Importantly, if you are going to use oil when roasting your potatoes use only a very limited amount.  Even a moderate amount of oil can prevent potatoes from becoming crispy and instead will keep them 'soggy'. If you must use oil then lightly spray the roasting pan only.

Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste (I really like smoky paprika and of course garlic powder).

Sauté the spinach, corn and tomatoes in about three tablespoons of water over medium heat until bubbly.

Roast potatoes in the oven at 400F until crispy.  I occasionally will turn on the broiler briefly just before they are ready to remove from the oven to add that extra 'crisp'.

Peppers can be roasted the same way as potatoes but don't take near as long with respect to oven time.

Serve with tamari or your favorite dipping sauce (watch out for those with inflammatory oil or sugar ingredients).

Enjoy!  Our gallbladder and aorta will be happy!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Somedays I Just Need A Burger (Ask My Gallbladder and Aorta About it Firs!)

Sometimes I just have to have a burger.  But my gallbladder and torn aorta warn me about the fats!

Gallbladder and aorta diet.  Somedays I just have to have a burger.
So I've found the lowest fat veggie burgers and veggie chick patties in the grocery store.  I cook them in the skillet with just a light brushing of coconut oil or even lighter spray of olive oil.

Aorta and Gallbladder diet.  Hummus, veggie burger, steamed cabbage & cauliflower and bbq sauce.
And combine them with steamed cabbage, cauliflower, onions and mushrooms.

Gallbladder and aorta diet.  Veggie burger with steamed cabbage and cauliflower.
The fresh Italian bread type rolls (similar to Chicago rolls) can be found at our local Publix with no added oil.

Mustard too is free of gallbladder inflaming and artery clogging oils, and accentuates the burger flavor!

Baked corn chips and hummus finish out the meal and presto!

I've got a burger my appetite, my gallbladder and my aorta are all happy about.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Beet Juice for Gallbladder & Aorta, Medicine Pantry Staple

Beet juice is a super medicinal food and a jar should be kept in every pantry.
Beet  juice contains many important and effective phytonutrients , vitamins and minerals.  Beet juice can relax our arteries and can stop a gallbladder attack cold in its tracks.

For those of use with chronic gallbladder issues, beet juice can instantly stop a developing gallbladder pain attack.

For those of us with chronic cardiovascular disease or connective tissue challenges, beet juice acts as one of the worlds most effective anti-inflammatory foods, decreasing the likelihood of aortic dissection.

The National Institute of Health's Library of Medicine contains some intriguing papers about the potential health benefits of beet root with respective to cardiovascular, digestive and even cognitive health!

Gallbladder and aorta foods.  Beet juice should be in everyone's pantry.
National Public Radio (NPR) suggests that beet juice can support muscle growth and may be good for those avid gym-goers in a recent article.

Moreover, beet juice has been shown to lower blood pressure!  Because beets contains dietary nitrates (NO3) and biologically active NO2 and nitric oxide (NO), taking the juice may relax blood vessels, potentially 'de-stiffening' the cardiovascular system.

Beet juice can instantly stop the sharp pain of a gallbladder attack through combination of mechanisms.  The nitrous oxide relaxes blood vessels, the anti-inflammatory compounds eases auto-immune responses and the betaine helps in digesting fats in your digestive system triggering the attack.

Anti-inflammatory foods like beets can promote excellent digestive and cardiovascular health.
I personally have received testimonies from those who were developing pain and who stopped at the market to purchase a jar of beet juice (unsweetened of course is best but all beet juices contain significant amounts of sugar).  Once they drank the juice the pain rapidly subsided.  Sometimes all it takes for the pain to dissipate is a bile salt, betaine, pepsin or other substance that may help facilitate fat metabolism or transport.

Anyway, you will always be able to find a jar of beet juice in my pantry, and of course, fresh market beets in season in the vegetable bin.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cabbage & Butternut Squash Roast, Whole Foods Pantry for Gallbladder & Aorta Health

Wednesday's are the weekday we head to our Farmer's Market.

Aorta & Gallbladder supportive dinner - coconut oil roasted cabbage & butternut squash

Selecting and buying whole, real fruits and vegetables is the first of many steps we take in our aorta and gallbladder health dietary journey.

For too long we have continued to fill our bodies with highly processed foods containing inflammatory or carcinogenic substances, such as; sugars, omega 6's, sodium, nitrites and other toxic compounds.

Packaged and processed foods may be convenient but they are disguised foods; foods that can wreck havoc on your cardiovascular system, gallbladder, pancreas and liver.

As shown here in the pantry vegetables, fruits & nuts make up the bulk of our purchased foods. #Aorta health #gallbladder health #WholeFoods
So many studies have pointed to results of enhanced aortic and digestive health arising from a simple whole foods diet.

And whole foods do not have to be boring.

They can be heartier and tastier than most all those other 'packaged' meals.

Tonight's whole food dish from the Farmer's Market was cabbage and butternut squash roasted with coconut oil, salt, pepper, poblano sauce and garlic.

Quick and easy to make, the textured coconut oil caramelized cabbage combines nicely with the tender sweet butternut squash.

Simply slice washed cabbage and butternut squash, lightly brush with coconut oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake at 380F for approximately 45 minutes or until done!

Full of fiber, phytochemical, vitamins, minerals, protein and other health supporting nutritious substances, whole foods are the main staple in our kitchen pantry and refrigerator.

As shown here in the refrigerator vegetables, fruits & nuts make up the bulk of our purchased foods. #Aorta health #gallbladder health #WholeFoods
Dump the processed foods.  If a box or package contains more than one or two ingredients then it may be leading you down the path to painful gallbladder spasms or rigid, plaque filled and dissection prone arteries.

Consider a non-processed, whole foods diet for your health and longevity.  Start today.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Roasting Vegetables for Aortic and Digestive Health

Vegetables roasting in the oven always fill thetownhouse with the best of food aromas.

Gallbladder and Cardiovascular Diet - Healthy, Hearty Veggies a Roasting
The vegetables we roast are handpicked from our Lakes Park Farmers Market every Wednesday morning where we usually purchase enough onions, potatoes (various types), zucchini, squash, mushrooms, beets, broccoli, cauliflowers, cabbage, carrots, Brussel sprouts, ginger, eggplant (for baba ganoush) grapefruit, oranges, apples, papaya, mango and pineapple for the week.
Gallbladder and aorta diet - Sliced Brussel Sprouts ready for roasting

Gallbladder friendly Brussel Sprouts ready for eating!

Farmers Market fresh foods are so affordable too.  We can purchase what we need of the above for just a little over fifty dollars.

I like to slice my veggies nice and thin, place them on a tray lightly coated with coconut or avocado oil, add a little salt, pepper and paprika and bake until cooked to my taste (I like a little on the browned-caramelized side) at about 400F.

Somedays I'll finish the tray of roasted veggies with a light broiling touch.

Gallbladder & Aorta Diet - I like to add coconut oil and smoky paprika to the veggies before roasting.
Healthy, hearty and aorta/gallbladder friendly foods are as close as the farmer's market and home oven!