Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sleepless Gallbladder Fun

Short post today as we are off to the Fakahatchee Strand in the Everglades.
Gallbladder & Aorta Diet.  Roasted veggies make for healthy eating!
Many nights I find myself wide awake when the moon is high, somewhere between midnight and five in the morning.  Conversely as the sun rises I am ready to fall back asleep.

So this morning early I chopped up some fresh organic vegetables, coated them with a very light spray of coconut oil and placed in the oven to roast away.

Sure does make the house mornings smell good - kind of like an olfactory alarm clock.

My entire body is thriving on healthy, roasted vegetables.  My cardiovascular system and gallbladder are as happy as ever.

A year ago I'd never have used coconut oil.  But as my gallbladder and pancreas inflammation decreased from the lower fat, lower sugar and primarily vegan diet, I have been able to bring back a little healthy fat into my diet without those below the rib painful bouts.

So next time you are lying bed wide awake - think of those fresh organic vegetables in the pantry or refrigerator and consider warming that oven!

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  1. I use Xtra Virgin Olive Oil. No problems in 19 months. We need more recipes.