Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chickpea & Rice Super-burgers for Gallbladder & Aorta Health

Sometimes I just want a really hearty, mouthwatering burger.  Or two.  Or three.

Gallbladder diet.  Baked Chickpea & Rice Burgers.  Healthy Yum!
But I have to say no to real hamburgers.  They just are not right for my cardiovascular system, aorta and especially not right for my touchy gallbladder.

So what do I do?

Salmon burgers make a good substitute but still taste like 'fish' burgers.  Which is good but maybe not what I am looking for all the time.  Some days I just want a 'real' burger.

The closest faux-burger burger I've made to the real thing burger is my chickpea (garbanzo bean) and rice burger.

They are super good.  And filling and don't crumble apart like many vegetarian burgers may do.

Gallbladder diet.  Foods good for aorta and gallbladder - Chickpea & Rice Burgers.  Healthy Yum!
These chickpea and rice super-burgers are easy to prepare and cook.  Super easy.  And they are packed full of nutrients, vitamins, protein and phytochemicals.

Chickpeas contain on average about 15 grams of protein per cup and there is about a half a cup in each large burger!  Chickpeas also provide manganese and folate for a strong healthy body.  Of course chickpeas are famous for their fiber content (I like to soak my chickpeas/garbanzo beans overnight to remove phytic acid, a substance which can bind zinc in our bodies).

Heres how to make them.

Cook two cups basmati rice and two cups chick peas.  Make sure both the rice and chickpeas are soft.

I like to steam a couple peppers (red, green, banana or poblano) and onions, then dice them quite fine in size.

Chop several cloves of garlic and a thumb size chunk of fresh ginger root.  Sometimes I'll add a little turmeric too.

Add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl along with a cup of organic masa harina.  Mix well.

If you are a vegan then add salt and pepper to taste and form the mixture into large patties.

If you are a vegetarian looking for a little more protein and binder then add three egg whites, mix and form into large burger-size patties.

Gallbladder diet.  Foods good for aorta and gallbladder - Chickpea & Rice Burgers.  Healthy Yum!
Place on a lightly oiled baking tray and bake at 385 F until golden brown, turning the burgers occasionally.  Sometimes I'll broil them for a minute or so to allow the onions and peppers to 'crispy caramelize' just a bit.

Serve hot with home made salsa!


Chickpea and rice burgers will leave you satisfied every time (and aorta-gallbladder healthy too).

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