Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cabbage & Butternut Squash Roast, Whole Foods Pantry for Gallbladder & Aorta Health

Wednesday's are the weekday we head to our Farmer's Market.

Aorta & Gallbladder supportive dinner - coconut oil roasted cabbage & butternut squash

Selecting and buying whole, real fruits and vegetables is the first of many steps we take in our aorta and gallbladder health dietary journey.

For too long we have continued to fill our bodies with highly processed foods containing inflammatory or carcinogenic substances, such as; sugars, omega 6's, sodium, nitrites and other toxic compounds.

Packaged and processed foods may be convenient but they are disguised foods; foods that can wreck havoc on your cardiovascular system, gallbladder, pancreas and liver.

As shown here in the pantry vegetables, fruits & nuts make up the bulk of our purchased foods. #Aorta health #gallbladder health #WholeFoods
So many studies have pointed to results of enhanced aortic and digestive health arising from a simple whole foods diet.

And whole foods do not have to be boring.

They can be heartier and tastier than most all those other 'packaged' meals.

Tonight's whole food dish from the Farmer's Market was cabbage and butternut squash roasted with coconut oil, salt, pepper, poblano sauce and garlic.

Quick and easy to make, the textured coconut oil caramelized cabbage combines nicely with the tender sweet butternut squash.

Simply slice washed cabbage and butternut squash, lightly brush with coconut oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake at 380F for approximately 45 minutes or until done!

Full of fiber, phytochemical, vitamins, minerals, protein and other health supporting nutritious substances, whole foods are the main staple in our kitchen pantry and refrigerator.

As shown here in the refrigerator vegetables, fruits & nuts make up the bulk of our purchased foods. #Aorta health #gallbladder health #WholeFoods
Dump the processed foods.  If a box or package contains more than one or two ingredients then it may be leading you down the path to painful gallbladder spasms or rigid, plaque filled and dissection prone arteries.

Consider a non-processed, whole foods diet for your health and longevity.  Start today.

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