Thursday, March 2, 2017

Somedays I Just Need A Burger (Ask My Gallbladder and Aorta About it Firs!)

Sometimes I just have to have a burger.  But my gallbladder and torn aorta warn me about the fats!

Gallbladder and aorta diet.  Somedays I just have to have a burger.
So I've found the lowest fat veggie burgers and veggie chick patties in the grocery store.  I cook them in the skillet with just a light brushing of coconut oil or even lighter spray of olive oil.

Aorta and Gallbladder diet.  Hummus, veggie burger, steamed cabbage & cauliflower and bbq sauce.
And combine them with steamed cabbage, cauliflower, onions and mushrooms.

Gallbladder and aorta diet.  Veggie burger with steamed cabbage and cauliflower.
The fresh Italian bread type rolls (similar to Chicago rolls) can be found at our local Publix with no added oil.

Mustard too is free of gallbladder inflaming and artery clogging oils, and accentuates the burger flavor!

Baked corn chips and hummus finish out the meal and presto!

I've got a burger my appetite, my gallbladder and my aorta are all happy about.

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