Monday, August 22, 2016

Gallbladder diet. Watch Out for Super Tricky Gallbladder Friendly Foods With This!

Watch out for gallbladder friendly foods with sugar in them!
Gallbladder diet.  Make sure Matcha contains no sugar.

I've been so guilty and over the weekend realized just how wrong I've been about sweet treats!

So today is day three of the "I Quit Sugar" lifestyle change for gallbladder health.

My very last post highlighted a Starbucks drink I was guzzling that actually was loaded with sugar!  According to the Starbucks nutrition webpage a green tea latte can have up to 30g sugar!
Gallbladder diet.  Organic green tea is the only ingredient in Teavana matcha.  My gallbladder is much happier.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) women should limit their sugar intake to less than 24 grams per day while men should limit their sugar intake to less than 36 grams per day.

That means one Starbucks green tea latte can have more sugar in the drink than the AHA recommends women ingest in an entire day!

Oh oh.  I've been headed in the wrong direction.  But you know, I think it was ok for a while because the many recipes I posted here with sugar as an ingredient really helped me cope with making the dietary transition to gallbladder friendly foods.

My restored confidence that I can eat heartily without incurring a gallbladder attack is important.

But now its time to move on.  So "I Quit Sugar".

There is a really good book on the topic with the same name available in most public libraries, in Barnes and Noble bookstores and on the web through Amazon in both Kindle edition and paperback.
Gallbladder diet.  Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' is a great book that ultimately will help with gallbladder issues.

Sarah Wilson's book really inspired me.  Her blog is an excellent resource for information on sugar and the human body and for sugar free recipes.

However the real reason I am quitting sugar is that through gallbladder friendly recipe research I have come across more and more medical evidence that sugar is truly NOT gallbladder friendly.

One study in particular ranked refined sugars right up there along with fats as a primary culprit responsible for gallstone formation.

While sugar may not trigger an immediate gallbladder contraction of pain, sugar can encourage gallstone formation and even cause existing stones to grow larger in size.


So I am quitting sugar.  Today is Day 3 of my new lifestyle and from here on out most posted recipes will be low sugar content to no sugar content.  Good for our hearts too.  Some may include Stevia as I still like my sweets.

So what about my Starbucks Iced Matcha Water?

One maxim I've learned in life that truly helps me is "its OK to disappoint as long as one is not disappointing ones self" or clearly put, "who can I disappoint today?"

Starbucks probably is not disappointed with my decision to ditch their matcha drinks after so glowingly talking them up last week.  However I've found a new, healthier love.

Matcha powder without sugar from Teavana!

I've heard Starbucks uses the same in their matcha drinks only theirs is mixed with sugar.

And I love Matcha powder from Teavana in hot water over ice with cold water.

Consider keeping your green tea latte habit going for gallbladder support but switch to unsweetened matcha (or add Stevia).  I like mine in water but one could also use non-fat milk and Teavana matcha too.
Gallbladder diet.  If Iced Matcha Water is too 'watery' for you, consider using fat-free milk and Teavana matcha.

Long term we may form fewer stones and reduce the number of big stones growing in our finicky little grief causing organ.

So bye-bye sugar, bye-bye belly and bye-bye future gallbladder problems.

Cheers!  Kevin   #gallbladderlife

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