Friday, August 19, 2016

Gallbladder life. Saved From Surgery by Starbucks Speciality Drink.

Crushed is a word not fitting to express disappointment in giving up Starbucks speciality drinks after my gallbladder attacks began.
Gallbladder diet.  Iced Green Matcha is my fav new gallbladder friendly Starbucks Speciality Drink

Green tea latte, iced coconut mocha, caramel macchiato, cappuccino make my soul sing with ecstasy and my tongue dance with joy.

So crushed like the ice in a Starbucks smoothie was I.  And I tried smoothies for a while but they never lived up to the speciality tea and coffee drinks.  However the smoothie bananas are high in potassium (two points for health).

But then someone (my university student daughter) told me of Iced Matcha Water.  Of course Iced Matcha Water is not on the Starbucks menu and some barristers won't be sure how to make Iced Matcha Water.

Remind them it is the same price as a speciality tea and ask for five or six scoops (I like six) Starbucks Matcha powder shaken in water and poured over ice.  Tall is good.  Grande is nice and Venti will wake you up and turn your otherwise slow day into eye-opening bliss.

Gallbladder diet. Iced Matcha Water contains no fat.  Green tea has been shown to be good for the gallbladder.
Caffeine as found in green tea can lower the chance of women experiencing a gallbladder attack by up to twenty five percent according to Dr. Andrew Weil.

And tells us because of polyphenols and caffeine content, green tea improves bile flow and is one of the best substances for alleviating gallbladder pain.

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends drinking green tea for gallbladder issues due to high amounts of anti-oxidants in the drink.  Penn State's Hershey Medical Center recommends green tea for gallbladder issues too!

Finally, there are many resource pages recommending green tea as support for gallbladder health.  Do your research!

My gallbladder loves Starbucks Iced Matcha Water.  So does my mouth, tongue and brain.

I've never found matcha powder tasting anywhere close to Starbucks brand.  The drink is not too sweet -  yet Iced Matcha Water is exotic enough to satisfy my longing for a speciality drink I can't duplicate in my home blender.

Slowly but surely I'm learning about a gallbladder life full of choices and options, never dull and boring but limited only by boundaries of creativity and imagination.

Next time you are in the mood for a gallbladder friendly Starbucks speciality drink (and there are plenty of others too) try an Iced Matcha Water from your neighborhood Starbucks.

Cheers!  Kevin  #gallbladderlife

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