Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gallbladder Diet. Gallbladder Friendly Watermelon Makes Cardiovascular, Gallbladder and Liver Healthy Snack.

Keeping a watermelon in your refrigerator provides both gallbladder and cardiovascular super support.
Gallbladder diet.  Gallbladder friendly watermelon makes for an excellent breakfast, mid-day snack or evening dessert!

Sometimes the simple foods and snacks are the ones we often overlook.

Watermelon has been shown to provide tremendous support for the gallbladder!  Some websites purport watermelon rind can actually assist in dissolving gallstones.

Watermelon is reported to contain significant amounts of potassium and acts as a diuretic, cleansing toxins and sludge buildup from your body.

Of course watermelon contains no significant amounts of fats or oils, something that my post-gallbladder attack body demands of the foods I ingest.

Additionally, the Florida State University has conducted research showing watermelon actually lowers blood pressure.

Lower blood pressure is important for gallbladder health because hypertension can lead to a significant decrease in blood flow to the liver and gallbladder, injuring these two organs.  An injured gallbladder is an unhappy gallbladder.  Ugh.

Finally, watermelon is tasty, especially if one is chilled in the refrigerator, sweet and ripe, ready for eating.

Yet many times I used to walk right past melons in the market, ignoring these healthy fruits, heading instead to the chip aisle.  Not anymore.  My gallbladder diet includes frequent watermelon purchases.

I keep them iced and ready for a refreshing breakfast, mid day snack or suppertime dessert.

Consider adding super healthy for your heart and gallbladder watermelon to your weekly gallbladder friendly diet.

Cheers!  Kevin  #gallbladderlife.

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