Sunday, January 29, 2017

Its been over a year & Gallbladder Diet is Working

My last and worst gallbladder attack occurred October 2015.

Over a year has passed and I've witnessed some amazing changes on the Gallbladder Diet.

First my gallbladder pain is gone.  No more out-of-breathness, no dizziness, no stabbing pain, no fatigue, no upset digestion.

Best of all I do not go hungry.

And I have weaned myself off Ursodiol.

On top of all those great happenings, I've lost over one hundred pounds. (Yes I know rapid weight loss is bad for gallstones).

But I eat all I want.  Just good food of course.

My weight has stabled and my muscle is building.

I feel great.

Without surgery.  You see one of the reasons I needed to avoid surgery was that I have an artificial heart valve and already have endured a really bad case of endocarditis.  So no surgery means reduced risk of heart infection.

I'll be writing much more about the Gallbladder Diet over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!  You can heal your gallbladder too!

My ultrasounds show marked improvement!


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  1. Same with me but its been 16 months. I have changed my diet. No more cheese, red meat, fizzed drinks, cheese or chocolate. Lots of apple cider. So tell me what you eat? I do alot of skinless roasted chickem, broccoli rabe, sweet potatoes abd wheat pasta with x virgin olive oil, garlic, chicken broth and spinach or broccoli rabe. I, too, eat alot but after a 1 yr weight loss I have stayed consistent.