Monday, August 8, 2016

Gallbladder life. Gallbladder Friendly Snacks On The Go!

We embarked on a road trip this weekend.

Gallbladder friendly treats are a necessity carryon for road trips.
Gallbladder diet.  Gallbladder friendly snacks like tuna are full of protein and contain no fat.

Road trips can be difficult on my gallbladder life primarily because of change in routine, and the fact I am away from all the gallbladder friendly food in my refrigerator.

This weekend was no different.  I soon ran out or just became tired of my non-refrigerated packed  up gallbladder friendly fresh and dried fruit, seaweed and water.

After the third gasoline station stop I purchased a pack of SourPatch Kids Soft & Chewy candy, and a box of fat-free Fig Newtons.  I also began raiding the cinnamon Altoids tin.
Gallbladder diet.  Fat free Fig Newtons were gallbladder friendly but did spike my insulin response!

My body was seeking fuel.  Normally I'd eat a healthy and gallbladder friendly spinach salad loaded with chopped fresh or water saut√©ed vegetables.  A meal of leafy greens, roots, berries and fish would provide complex carbohydrates, protein and nutrients that slowed my insulin response rather than spiking it.

But I had no salad fixings.  I just had sugary items.  And I gave in and ate them, downing a whole pack of fat-free Fig Newtons while driving.

Gallbladder diet.  I always look for 'no fat' snacks.  But look at the Fig Newton calories - 900 per box!
My excuse was 'driving is stressful therefore I should comfort my cravings'.  Ha.  Big mistake.

Of course I felt absolutely great for a minute or two afterwards but within five minutes the sugar low hit.

I felt worse after the sugary junk food than I'd felt before when I was starving.

On the second day in an attempt to avoid the sugary crash damage we made a stop at the local grocer, Publix.

Finding gallbladder friendly food is sometimes a challenge even in the most well stocked of food stores.

I did come across two types of pre-packaged tuna, marinated with both lemon pepper and basil with lemon.
Gallbladder diet. Gallbladder friendly tuna makes a perfect road trip snack.

So a bag full of easy tear open, delicious tuna left the store with me.

For the rest of the day my hunger was satiated with solid protein, no-fat protein.
Gallbladder diet.  Each pack contains 13 grams protein, only 1 gram sugar and just 60 calories!

No more blood sugar spikes and bye-bye hunger and hello happy gallbladder.

Tuna is very filling.  Each tear open pack contains only 1 gram of sugar, 60 calories but packs a whopping 13 grams protein!

Gallbladder life is a challenge.

But we can always find an answer to life's challenges with a little creativity.

So next time you make a road trip, consider packing a bag full of cooked, marinated tuna.

Not my preferred 'whole, non-processed food' type, but much better for my body and my gallbladder than SourPatch Kids.

Cheers!  Kevin  #Gallbladderlife

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