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Gallbladder Diet 7/14/2016 Cauliflower Crust No Fat Veggie Medley Pizza, Eating Out & Yesterday's Key Lime Pie

First a word on gallbladder journaling.  Start a daily journal of the food experiences you have.

Keep your entries on your phone, in a small diary or on your desktop - it doesn't matter where.  What matters most importantly is the fact you keep a record of the foods you can and can't eat.

Each person's gallbladder reacts differently to foods.  And over time your own personal experiences will also change as your body changes.

Your daily gallbladder journal should have four columns; date, description of meal, bad food experiences, and good food experiences.

Over time patterns will present themselves.  Over time you will recognize trends.

Begin your gallbladder journal today.

Cauliflower Crust Veggie Medley Pizza

Note: If you react to broccoli you may react to cauliflower.  I do not react to cauliflower so says my journal and my gallbladder.  No fat means no added fat.  Chick peas and veggies do contain small amounts of good fats and my gallbladder can handle that.  Check your journal.

Cook an organic cauliflower head on the stove, in the oven or microwave.  Cut florets into small pieces and let cool to touch.

#Gallbladder Diet Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Mixing Cooked & 'Squeezed' Cauliflower Rice and Spices
Place handful florets in a cheesecloth or porous rag and squeeze out liquid.  I like to twist and squeeze.

Place cauliflower 'rice' (your cut and squeezed florets will look a little like rice) into mixing bowl and add herbs and spices of choice.  I use powdered garlic, celery seed, black pepper, salt, rosemary and sage.

If you like more protein and are not trying eat #vegan then add whites from two eggs and/or 1 cup fat-free cheddar cheese.

Mix well, place  and spread (roll out) crust dough on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Gallbladder Diet, Cauliflower Rice Baked Crust with Onion added
Bake for 20 minutes at 350 or until crispy.

Allow crust to cool then add veggie medley toppings.  Today I added garbanzo beans, peas, carrots, chopped beans, onions and corn.
Gallbladder Diet, No Fat Pizza, Adding Toppings 
Cook for 20-30 minutes and cool.  Serve as you would any pizza.

Options include a fat free pizza sauce and low fat parmesan cheese (I do not do cheese unless it is no-fat then very little).
Gallbladder Diet, No Fat Pizza, Yum
I actually find this recipe to be quite hearty, filling and gallbladder friendly.  Of course you can vary the toppings depending on your journal.

Yesterday's Key Lime Pie

After sitting in the freezer all night the fat-free key lime pie sliced very easily and with the lime zest flavors now saturating the filling, the pie was a wonderfully cold tart treat on a hot Fort Myers day.
#Gallbladder Diet No Fat Key Lime Pie - Delicious
Eating Out

One of my biggest dilemmas is what to eat when we go out.
Gallbladder Diet, I'd Order This Before The Gallbladder Revolted, #Neveragain
Usually I'll order broiled fish, a salad with no olives cheese or dressing, rice or beans.

Honestly the restaurant fare for those of us living #Gallbladder life is sketchy at best.  The wait staff seems puzzled if I request no oil or sin aceite.  I always check the plate with my finger to make sure it is not too oily and am never truly comfortable until I've eaten with the establishment several times and had zero gallbladder bad experience journal entries.  Beware China buffets and MSG.  My gallbladder screams when I go into an Asian buffet establishment.

Veggie fajitas are a safe standard to order at most restaurants, usually with rice and beans.  Ask for all cheese, creams and toppings to be on the side.  That way you can pick and choose.
Gallbladder Diet, Veggie Medley Fajita with No Oil Is My Eating Out Go To Fare
Beer tastes good with fajitas but beer for me ends up in my bad experience journal column no matter how many times I try.
Gallbladder Diet, Always Ask for Toppings To Be On The Side So You Can Pick & Choose
So I stick with water and lime or lemon.  The citrus tends to counteract any oils that slip in on the food.
Gallbladder Diet, Fish is Another Go To Fare (Broiled)
I really thought I would be sacrificing quality of life on a vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/no-low fat diet but hey, today's veggie mix pizza, key lime pie and veggie medley fajita really filled me up.  I mean I am super satisfied without feeling obnoxiously over stuffed like I would have had I eaten a Guys hamburger with fries.

Oh and to top it all off there was a scrumptious Green Glow wheatgrass smoothie (wheatgrass, apple and banana) for dessert.
Gallbladder Diet, Green Glow Smoothie (Wheatgrass, bananas & apple juice)
Start your gallbladder journaling adventure today!

In six months you will be amazed with the patterns that become obvious.  Your journal will give you confidence, remove most of the fear of trying foods and best of all help keep you pain free.

Cheers!  Kevin #Gallbladder life

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  1. Can only eat butternut squash and potato sadly. gallbladder and other problems means most foods off limits.