Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gallbladder Diet 7/12/2016 No Fat Asian Stir Fry and Chocolate

Its been a year since my last gallbladder attack.

Gallbladder Diet Asian sauté with thick mushroom gravy and jasmine rice #gallbladderlife
And that last attack was a terrible, terrible one.  You probably know the horrible pain and discomfort.

I had no idea how I could ever live with a gallbladder full of stones and sludge but here I am.

With a dissected aorta and one almost deadly episode of endocarditis behind me I wanted to avoid any type of surgery at all cost, especially being on the anti-coagulant medication Warfarin.

Then there was my surgeon who shook his head and started talking about chances of a nicked liver and bleed-out.  With my Marfan connective tissue disorder even further complicating things, I decided to figure out how to live with a gallbladder full of stones.

There is hope too of finding a solution to clear out some of those, if not all, stones in a less invasive manner.

No lemon juice and olive oil flushes for me though.  In fact the thought of ingesting any olive oil scares me.

Once you've experienced bad gallbladder pain you never want to experience the sensation again.

During my last gallbladder attack I couldn't breath, I felt disoriented and my side hurt almost as bad as my back hurt during my aortic dissection.

However its been a year now.

I think I've finally got the gallbladder issue under control.  All without surgery.

So I've started this blog to share the secrets of my successes.

And this is the first post.

Today was special.  I had a chocolate smoothie (almost zero fat content) and a wonder Asian vegetable sauté with thick brown mushroom and tamarind gravy sauce.

I've found that with the proper diet one can eat till satisfied, lose weight, tone up and improve gallbladder function through diet and lifestyle modifications.

I go to the radiologist in September to see if my gallstones have disappeared.  Thats only a couple months away.

More on what I've learned tomorrow and I'll be posting lots more information daily, including some marvelous recipes that have been acceptable to my extremely touchy gallbladder.

Cheers, Kevin.  #gallbladderlife

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