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Gall Bladder Diet 7/13/2016 The Basics & No Fat Spring Rolls with Key Lime Pie! #Gallbladderlife

Second gallbladder diet post.

Its been over a year since I had key lime pie.  I'd given up hope. But OMG, this no fat, gallbladder friendly key lime pie recipe is way too good.  I am all smiles after a huge slice!

First though I want to discuss a few basics about the gallbladder diet.

Key Points to Remember and Follow:

  1. Obtain your minimum daily fat requirements through vegetables and fish.  I target no more than 20g total fat per day.  Usually I am around 10-15g total fat per day, if that.  There are a lot of good fats in vegetables and we will discuss in another post. (You should discuss with your doctor any change in diet you make.)
  2. Remove all inflammatory substances from your diet.
    1. Shift the balance from omega 6's more to omega 3's (we will discuss in another post)
    2. Get rid of trans fats
  3. Say bye to simple sugars and limit your fresh fruit intake
  4. Always read all ingredients on anything you buy that is pre-packaged 
  5. Preferably buy only whole foods
  6. Exercise gently 
  7. Meditate on your world view
  8. Find your passion/hobby/work ethic and dive in
  9. If you have an attack, go on a clear liquid diet for a week.  Drinking lots of water, walking and Ibuprofen helps me calm the inflammation.  Ask your doctor about an antibiotic or Ursodiol.
Now for the spring rolls.

Gallbladder Diet no-fat spring rolls
I use mushrooms extensively.  Edible mushrooms offer extreme health benefits.

Portobellos are one of my favorite and I chop the porto-shrooms directly into a hot skillet with a couple tablespoons of water.

Sautéing with steam and no oil or roasting is my cooking method of choice for all vegetables.   The only oil content I end up ingesting are the natural oils in the vegetables and my gallbladder doesn't seem to mind these natural oils.

Mushrooms and a sprinkle of water will serve to sauté almost any veggie or combination of vegetables to perfection.  Better than butter in my opinion.

Add what spices you like - salt, pepper, celery seed, turmeric, etc.

So for my spring rolls I steam sautéd two cups of frozen Asian vegetables.  Water chestnuts are my favorite.  Let the cooked roots, leaves, buds and stems cool to touch after cooking to desired texture.

Open a package of Spring Roll wrappers that contain no oil.
Gall bladder diet, Spring roll wrappers, zero fat - contain rice and cassava 
Important note.  I've found you must read the ingredient list.  The package often times says 0 total fat but will list a type of oil in the ingredients.  That nailed me a couple of times with gb pain until I figured this out.  For instance my favorite ginger candy's package reads '0 total fat' but lists coconut oil in the ingredients. 
Gallbladder diet - Packaging reads '0 total fat' but ingredients say 'coconut oil'

Go figure.

Run warm water over both sides of a spring roll rice-cassava wrapper and spoon in two or three tablespoons of the cooked veggies onto the wrapper.  Roll the wrapper and fold the ends underneath.
Gallbladder Diet - you will learn to roll a beautiful fat one quick enough
Gallbladder Diet - veggies wrapped, rolled and dusted with spices ready for baking
You will get the hang of rolling a beautiful fat one rather quickly.   My first batch looked funny but now my homemade spring rolls are beautiful!

Once you've rolled a dozen brush them with egg white if you wish (I like the added protein) and dust with garlic powder, celery seed and ginger or your favorite spices.  
Gallbladder Diet - vegetarian spring rolls are hearty and filling all the while kind to my gallbladder too
Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until you achieve your favorite texture.

Egg whites contain zero fat and little if any cholesterol.  Egg whites do not bother my gallbladder and provide much needed protein on my mainly vegan-vegetarian diet.

Cool the spring rolls and serve with your favorite fat free dipping sauce.  I like just plain soy sauce.

If you are just coming off a bad gallbladder attack just stick with the veggie sauté and forego the spring wrappers.

To the Key Lime pie.  I used to eat Edwards Key Lime Pie.  No longer.  If I did I'd be in the hospital.

But tonight I made the best, better than Edwards Key Lime Pie that is fat free and full of flavor!
Gallbladder Diet - no fat key lime pie - 'yum'
  • 1 pack fat free tortillas
  • 8 oz fat free sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 medium tub fat free cool whip
  • 2 limes, grated up for their zest
  • 1 cup real Key Lime juice
Bake the tortillas on a cookie sheet until they are brown and crunchy.  Break apart and place in a paper bag and crush until the flakes are similar to Graham Cracker crumbs.

Mold the tortilla crumbles into a baking pie pan as you would the Graham Cracker crumbs.

Your fat-free pie shell is ready.

In a large mixing bowl whip together the cool whip, condensed milk, key lime juice and zest.  Chill and spoon into the pie shell when the mixture is firm.  Slice and serve.
Gallbladder Diet - I use fat free tortillas for the pie crust

Gallbladder Diet - fat free tortilla pie crust ready to bake

An alternative crust method is patting together the tortillas into one big crust as shown in the photos.  This method is somewhat easier when cooking but is harder to cut when serving.

Experiment with different size baking containers and tortilla arrangements.

My gallbladder and I love the fat free tortillas.  Our fish taco recipe is coming up on a future post soon!

Gallbladder inflammation is different for each person.  We all have our own personal triggers.  What works for me may not work for you.

What I share here is what works for me and my gallbladder is very, very sensitive.

The gallbladder recipes here are low fat.  Low fat is not necessarily healthier if you have a diet high in simple carbs or sugars.  Sugars are notorious for causing inflammation.

Inflammation anywhere in the body can stimulate inflammation in the gallbladder.

So save the key lime pie for special occasions and enjoy to the max when you make.

Then eat lots of fresh vegetables, rice, beans and more fresh vegetables and rice and beans.  Sweet potatoes and other root vegetables are hunger satisfying also.

Lots more to talk about in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned!

Cheers.  Kevin #gallbladderlife

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