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Gallbladder Diet 07/19/16 Bye Bye Coffee Hello Ginger Tea

Dark rich coffee has been one of my best friends all my life.  The strong, almost bitter aroma has greeted mornings and the sunrise with me for decades.

Gallbladder Diet.  Substituting ginger for coffee in my morning drink has delivered health benefits.
Moreover, I used to rely on the black slurry as a crutch  to carry me throughout the entire day.  Coffee was my go-to safe haven.

Not anymore.

Although there are plenty of very good studies showing just how beneficial and healthy one or two cups of coffee actually are, I've still quit.  In fact some websites purport the premise that caffeinated coffee actually lessens the chance of gallstones and a gallbladder attack.

I've stil quit.  Its been about a year now.  I quit drinking coffee after my last gallbladder attack.

Despite the research suggesting that coffee may not cause gallbladder attacks, the drink is an irritant.  Just ask your bladder.

The U.S. Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health published a paper indicating "coffee induces cholecystokinin release and gallbladder contraction".  Caffeine certainly may cause gallbladder contractions.

With a sac full of stones and past problems with gallbladder inflammation do I really want my gallbladder contracting unnecessarily and unpredictably?

If you can drink coffee without any negative gallbladder issues that is awesome.  I miss the drink badly from time to time.

However, foregoing coffee has provided me with many other benefits besides not causing my gallbladder to go squeezie on me.

My teeth are much whiter now.  Not that they are pearl white, but they sure are much brighter than when coffee stained.

Secondly my heart arrhythmias have decreased in intensity and frequency.

Thirdly my prostate is happier and urination frequency certainly has decreased.

Quitting wasn't really so bad.  It was more of a mental challenge than breaking a physical addition.  Morning routine is important to me though so I did substitute decaf for the high octane at first.

But one day I ran out of decaf.  The jar of organic powdered ginger sat on the counter right in front of me.  I shook several dashes of the golden powder into my water filled mug and placed in the microwave for 92 seconds.

Today hot ginger tea in the morning is my favorite drink - no bitter after taste and no acidic stomach.

And so quick and easy to make even when morning eyes are still foggy and unfocused.

The health benefits of ginger tea are described across the internet as significant, restorative and universal!

The aforementioned U.S. Library of Medicine too has a study indicating ginger does not stimulate the gallbladder to contract.  For me this is very good.  No unexpected squeezies.

I can have a hot drink in the morning without the worries of my organs becoming irritated or stimulated through caffeine use.

Easy Make Morning Ginger Tea

Fill mug with filtered water.

Shake in three of four 'shakes' of dried, powdered ginger (preferably organic).

Gallbladder Diet.  Shake in three or four good 'shakes' of powdered ginger.
Place in the microwave for desired water temperature (alternatively heat filtered water on the stove in a teapot).
Gallbladder Diet.  I heat my water for 90-100 seconds.

Carefully remove mug from microwave and stir with spoon.

Gallbladder Diet  The ritual of a warm drink in the morning is important to me.
Enjoy a stimulating and refreshing hot morning drink.

Your breath will smell so much nicer throughout the day.  And hopefully your gallbladder won't be doing the caffeine squeeze.

Cheers!  Kevin

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