Monday, March 13, 2017

Healthy Restaurant Food. Keeping Gallbladders and Aortas Happy!

Eating out can be so difficult to those of us with aorta and/or gallbladder issues.
Eating Healthy While Eating Out Can Be A Challenge! #Aorta #gallbladder

Restaurants tend to use the most inflammatory (i.e. cheapest) oils to cook in.

Oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids such as sunflower or canola oil can directly initiate inflammation of the gallbladder, pancreas and aorta.

No one wants an inflamed gallbladder (think horrible pain in the side and back).

No one want an inflamed aorta (think scary dissection).

And for some of us on many days any dietary oil, including good oils, may not be helpful.

So what do we do when eating out?  At times we will invariably find ourselves in a restaurant with family or friends.

Fortunately there are more ways than a cold salad to enjoy healthy restaurant food.

I almost always order steamed mixed vegetables with a side of rice (whole grain rice if they have it).

And you don't have to be in an Asian restaurant to order steamed mixed vegetables either.  Almost any restaurant will have frozen vegetables and a steamer.

Be sure to ask for the hot sauces and soy sauce to liven up the food combo and you have a healthier than most meal while eating out (though keep an eye on the sodium).

Avoiding inflammatory oils in restaurants needn't be hard.

Always remember the 'steamed' option and enjoy good food out, without the worry of pain or aortic inflammation!

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