Monday, March 6, 2017

Roasting Veggies for Daily Gallbladder and Aorta Health

Nothing better for the gallbladder than fresh roasted vegetables.
Gallbladder diet - good for aorta too - Roasted peppers!

Full of color and different tastes, vegetables can be baked without oil - or at a minimum just a very light brushing of a healthy oil, like unrefined cold pressed coconut oil.

Gallbladder & aorta diet.  Sliced, roasted crispy potatoes - no oil but lots of flavor 
Your gallbladder will be happy with the only natural fats choice.  Moreover, baked or roasted vegetables are full of fiber and assist your body in proper digestion.  The fiber assists your digestive system in facilitating digestion and moving fats through your body for proper use and then elimination.

Gallbladder & aorta diet - water sautéed spinach, corn and tomatoes with garlic
Roasted vegetables also contain important amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals.

Easy to prepare.  I wash and dice without peeling.

Importantly, if you are going to use oil when roasting your potatoes use only a very limited amount.  Even a moderate amount of oil can prevent potatoes from becoming crispy and instead will keep them 'soggy'. If you must use oil then lightly spray the roasting pan only.

Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste (I really like smoky paprika and of course garlic powder).

Sauté the spinach, corn and tomatoes in about three tablespoons of water over medium heat until bubbly.

Roast potatoes in the oven at 400F until crispy.  I occasionally will turn on the broiler briefly just before they are ready to remove from the oven to add that extra 'crisp'.

Peppers can be roasted the same way as potatoes but don't take near as long with respect to oven time.

Serve with tamari or your favorite dipping sauce (watch out for those with inflammatory oil or sugar ingredients).

Enjoy!  Our gallbladder and aorta will be happy!

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